Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao

The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao TM

Quantum mechanics (QM) is a set of scientific principles describing the known behavior of energy and matter that predominate at the atomic and subatomic scales.   It is clearly a description of an absurd reality.

Quantum mechanics provides the knowledge or belief that an event probably will occur or has occurred based on the results of the likelihood of potential events.  That is like saying - I'll put this gun to my head, pull the trigger, the gun will fire and an event probably will occur.  Quantum mechanics provides probabilistic results because the physical universe is itself probabilistic rather than deterministic.  In other words, in a probable universe , you probably exist but you might not.
As Einstein opined, not having a deterministic universe is so non intuitive that ideas abound to make it not so.  The many worlds interpretation holds that all the possibilities described by quantum theory simultaneously occur in a "multiverse"1 composed of mostly independent parallel universes. While the multiverse is deterministic, we perceive non-deterministic behavior governed by probabilities because we can observe only the universe we inhabit.  In other words, you probably exist in this Universe, but if you do not, you defiantly exist in a Universe somewhere.
The Holy Church of the Absurd can only embraces Quantum Mechanics with absolute devotion.   We exalt in its absurdity.
1 see multiverse
Niels Bohr
On Quantum Mechanics.
"God does not play dice."
Albert Einstein
"Einstein, stop telling God what to do!"

Niels Bohr
Elemental discussions in  Physics  Theology  101