Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao

The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao TM

Faith  (noun) [fayth]
Belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof.
Faith in the betterment of mankind, in an afterlife, in science, the yin yang, 1 an economic system, mythology or even aliens has always been a inspirational part of the human condition. Since faith in religious and spiritual experiences seems to be genetically inspired we should accept it as a necessary part of our existence.  However another human attribute is the need to attach some intellectually conceived  dogma to faith.  The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao has faith that dogma is a bad thing!  We see dogma as a poison that kills true faith, disguising itself as a faith enhancing drug.  The Church teaches Faith in Unknowing.
1 See Yin Yang

Budda playing with the duality of the Church of the absurd
The Buddha separating the absurd duality of faith and dogma.
The Church of the Absurd has created a program of unenlightened unknowing to help members archive the absurd, joyfullness of fear free unknowing.