Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao

The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao TM

E = mc2
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
-Albert Einstein-

Science: The Second principal

The theory of relativity, or simply relativity, encompasses two theories of Albert Einstein: special relativity1 and general relativity.

The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao would like to say that "Relativity" proves that what one experiences is relative to ones position in time and space and therefore is not representative of the true nature of reality.  Unfortunately,  we are not that simple minded.  Instead we use Einstein's theories and especially  Quantum Mechanics2 to mark the change in scientific thought from Newtonian physics3 to modern physics.  Modern physics shows us an absurd universe where as Einstein said, our perceived reality is merely an "illusion"Science in the form of the  Theory of relativity1 and especially Quantum mechanics2 .  have changed the way scientist perceived reality visa vie looking at vary large and vary small space. 
Through science and modern technology we see that we are actually only aware of a vary small section of both the time and the space of the total universe and even in that small section we are not able to perceive much.  For instance, our eyes can only see a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum known as visible light.    We can not perceive, radio waves, microwaves,  Infra-red, Ultraviolet, X-rays or Gamma rays.   Even with  Newtonian Physics  we knew how small we were in comparison to the universe by observations through early optical telescopes.

Theories such as string theory4 and M-theory5 predict that physical space in general has in fact 10 and 11 dimensions, respectively.  While we perceive only three spatial dimensions.  Of course no physical experiments have confirmed the reality of additional dimensions, but the church takes them on faith.  It has been suggested that a possible explanation for the lack of physical proof  is space acts as if it were "curled up" in the extra dimensions on a subatomic scale, possibly at the quark/string level of scale or below. Another less-held unsupported fringe view asserts that dimensions beyond the fourth progressively condense timelines and universes into single spatial points in the above dimension, until the tenth, where a 0-dimensional point equates to all possible timelines in all possible universes.  Thinking about these theories can make your mind melt, they really are so absurd.  Extra dimensions work well with the "antiDogma". 

Now we can see we exist on the teeniest speck of whatever the true reality of the universe may be.  What modern science tells us is that reality at the edge of our understanding is non-understandable, we can only observer it.  Even then, according to quantum theory,  the act of watching  affects the observed reality.
What this means to the Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao is any Dogma that explains the non-understandable must be allegorical, illusionary or just plane false.

1. Special Relativity
2. Quantum Mechanics
3. Newtonian physics
4. String Theory
5. M-Theory