Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao

The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao TM

Marrage of Sicence and Absurd Taoism
This Iconoclastic5 image symbolized the marriage of Dogma with Science and Absurd Taoism. The fruit of antiDogma is represented in the pregnant belly of our world absurdist mother.


The antiDogma of the Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao is based on the hidden intellectually unknowable nature of the universe (or multiverse).1

It starts with our perception of reality.   Actually all Dogma is about the perception of reality, or the bending of our perception of reality so that it fits a particular world view.
We perceive physical reality through our senses.   Our senses, mostly, let us perceive what is important for our survival and procreation.  Our brains interpret what our senses tell us, then through thinking (intelligence?) and memory, we try to create in our mind a reasonably solid world in which we can exist and prosper.  At the fringes of our perceptions we are no longer able to comprehend what is real .   Traditionally, this is where religion and dogma develop.   In the distant past the "fringes of perception" began a few hundred miles from where one was born.   The dogmas created in such cultures were necessarily limited.   Some aspects of these belief systems are still with us today. 
In our modern time,  although we use the word "Universe" we really cannot comprehend its true nature, it is just way too large.2   Also we cannot really comprehend the physical world that exists at the atomic level! 3
Our emotional needs also often impinge on our perceptions of what is real.  Having faith 4 is a basic part of  human psychology and perhaps even fashioned out of our DNA.   However the creation of dogmas, often deep and with philosophical nuance fills some other need to back up faith with ideas that bring all reality into a understandable framework.   Rather then accepting that faith needs no dogma people try to create a universe that is understandable.  One with a definition of reality that justifies faith.4
But really, there is no way to conceptualize the universe much beyond our immediate  environments so to help accept the unknowable nature of reality the Church has developed its three principles. 

The first principal: Absurdism

The Second Principle: Science

The Third Principle: The Tao

Uncomplicated version of antiDogma - see Dogma cheat sheet

 1 See multiverse
2  See Video Size Of The Universe
3  See atomic level
4 See faith

5 see Iconoclastic