Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao

The Holy Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao TM

 Be Enlightened and Unknowing
We wish we had the ability to write an ever expanding series of lessen plans, each selling for an exponentially larger amount of money.  Every church member would desperately want this material so badly that, in the end,  their only option would be to join our other destitute members selling church paraphernalia and lesson plans at airports, train, bus and metro stations around the world, looking forward to the day they will be allowed to join the monks in our heavily guarded  compound and live in the pure ecstasy of enlightened bliss.
Apparently we are not that creative and too lazy to follow this well beaten path.   We are still dreaming of the day we can write the tome that will be the "value added" part of our web site.
The above cult description would apply if you were looking for the peace afforded those who can accept the simplistic, easy to understand explanations accompanying most religious and cult dogmas.  That is not possible if one is able to see reality for what it is.  Whether you agree with Lao Tzu view of reality as "having ineffable qualities that prevent it from being defined or expressed in words", or  Camus 's view of man's "futile search for meaning, unity and clarity in the face of an unintelligible world devoid of God and eternal truths or values", a world with no understandable truth can be hard for some to live in.  That is why Camus asks the question in his book "The Myth of Sisyphus" "Does the realization of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life necessarily require suicide?".  Camus took the hard view that life is meaningless where Lao Tzu seems to take the view that, if you are looking for the meaning of life , it is indefinable.  Are we just talking about attitude, perhaps influenced by individual personality.  Would it be sad if it were not so funny, or funny if it were not so sad?  That is what we need to decide, since it is scientifically indisputable that we will never fully understand the universe we live in.
However at this point we at the Church of the Absurd Scientific Tao, want you to join our little cult by offering the path to not knowing happiness.   Below are instructions in the church's simple appropriated techniques which will hopefully someday will separate future members from their hard earned money.
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